The Best Business Attire Brands For Women In Indonesia

When talking about business, people would usually think about meeting, office, the product, and others. However, there is one thing that people often forget about the important element in business. What is it? The outfit. People often forget about how important the outfit is in business. Whereas, it could affect the business. There are some of the best business attire brands that people could get and use to support their performance.

The outfit is important on a business occasion because of a lot of things. Starting from showing how serious people are in the business from the outfit. Up to showing appreciation with nice clothes, and there is still more reason. Meanwhile, women and men’s clothes have different styles and brands. For women, there are more styles that they could use. Here are some of the best business attire brands for women to buy and wear in Indonesia.

1. Gaudi

The first brand that women could try is Gaudi. It is a famous brand for women and it is available both online and offline. Women could search for an offline store in many famous malls in big cities. There are many kinds of formal clothes that women could choose for their outfit at work. Moreover, there are also some casual clothes as well. As for the price, it starts from Rp 100.000 up to Rp 200.000. Not expensive for a classy and great look at work.

2. This is April

The second best business attire brand for women in Indonesia is This is April. This brand is also a famous brand that women could find in many malls in Indonesia. Most of the outfit of This is April is casual but still serious enough for the business outlook. As for the colors, it is available in many colors but chic enough for a formal occasion. The price is also cheap starting from Rp100.000.

3. The Miroir Store

The third business attire brand for women is the Miroir Store. They have styles starting from masculine, feminism, sweet, and others. It suits well for the serious look for business but in several modes. Even though the store is only available at Bandung, but women could still but the clothes online.

4. Shop at Aleen

The fourth best business attire brands for women is Shop at Aleen. It is another brand from Bandung that has many great outfits. Even though women have to look formal, but they could still look stylish and fashionable with the shop at aleen. The colors and models are up to date with unique cuts as well. Do not worry about the price because most of the clothes are under Rp200.000!

5. Shop at Velvet

The last brand that women could try is shop at velvet. It is a perfect brand to search for business clothes. Most of the clothes have a special neutral color. Moreover, the cuttings are simple and contemporary. Not only that this brand has clothes but also accessories as well.

 The best business attire brands for women do not always have to be brands that specifically provide rigid clothes. Instead, now there are great stylish brands that women could wear. Moreover, people could also use local brands as well.

Online Baccarat Simplified

Online baccarat, which depends on Punto Banco, has a high normal return of 99%. Video poker and blackjack games offer comparable normal returns. Be that as it may, they involve complex systems. In the event that you blunder, at that point the normal return will dive. Nonetheless, the online baccarat methodology is easy to such an extent that you can’t commit an error. The issue with online baccarat is that it is one of the most exhausting games at any point concocted. You can’t get everything on one table.

In online baccarat, a hand is managed to a Player position and a Banker position. On the off chance that the hand that you have wagered on has the higher worth, you win. The valuation of the cards is one of a kind. Cards two through nine merit their presumptive worth. Tens, jacks, sovereigns and rulers have an estimation of zero. Experts are esteemed at 1 point. Hands are esteemed by adding the card esteems and taking the units digit of the whole. The most noteworthy conceivable hand esteem is along these lines nine. Most online baccarat games are played with eight decks.

The game play of agen judi casino online baccarat is as per the following. Two cards are managed face up to each hand. On the off chance that neither one of the hands has eight or nine, the attracting rules are applied to decide if the player ought to get a third card. On the off chance that the Player has an underlying aggregate of 0 to 5, he draws a third card. The Dealer has a progressively confounded arrangement of rules for the third card. In the web based game the product naturally decides when the third card is to be managed. At that point the hand esteems are registered and the hand with the higher worth successes. On the off chance that two hands have a similar worth, at that point it is a tie and neither one of the hands wins.

The Banker hand winning pays 1 to 1, however a 5% commission is deducted from the payout. The viable payout is 0.95 to 1. The normal profit for the Banker wager is 98.94%. The Player hand winning likewise pays 1 to 1, however with no commission. Regardless of this, the normal return for the Player wager is 98.76 %. You can likewise wager on the Tie result. Most online gambling clubs pay 8 to 1 for this wager. The apparently high payout is a trap for clueless novice baccarat players. The normal return is a horrifying 85.64%. Thusly the ideal methodology for online blackjack is to wagered on the Banker hand game after game without end. There is no case for doing whatever else.

Fashion Hacks For Emergencies To Save The Day

For some people looking right and fashionable for their daily look is important. They plan everything they will be wearing from the top to the bottom. Therefore, for the next day don’t have to worry about what they will be wearing or is it matching or not. However, sometimes even after being so prepared, unplanned things happen and ruin our look. Things that may happen such as broken zipper, broken heels, or too much fuzzy on your sweater can just change the look. When these incidents happen, don’t panic, on the other hand, learn how to fashion hacks for emergencies.

Sometimes unplanned things happen as you fall and you have a hole in your tights. Or suddenly your zipper gets stuck and you can’t zip up your jacket or clothes. These are some incidents that often happen and make people panic. You will need to fix it later but if you need it quickly you will need fashion hacks. So, here are some fashion hacks for emergencies that can save your day on:

1. Pencil to Fix Stuck Zipper

This kind of problems occurs often and can make people panic. But don’t worry, there is a simple way people can solve the problem on their own. When your zipper gets stuck, just rub the graphite or crayon on the zipper teeth of your clothes. Rub just enough and make sure it doesn’t sting on your clothes. Then wiggle the zipper gently and soon it should come free. However, if it is still stuck, add some more graphite on the zipper until it loosens up.

2. Remove Fuzzy Pills on Sweater

Have you ever had so many fuzzy pills on a sweater making it look bad and old? If so, then clean the fuzzy pills using a shaver that you usually use to shave. If you don’t have a new one, then change the razor only. Then shave the sweater slowly to remove all the fuzzy pills on the sweater. Go in a straight line and in one way to remove it all. You might have to repeat a spot a few times before it becomes totally clean.

3. Remove Blisters with Deodorant

New shoes are a must for a woman but wearing them can cause blisters on your feet. If this happens to you, you can rub deodorant on your feet on your shoes. If you are afraid that it will stain the shoes, then rub a small amount with your hands first. Then rub it on your foot too to become a lubricant. It is better that you rub them before you wear new shoes to prevent blisters.

4. Prevent Holes in Tights Becoming Bigger

A whole in the tights is quite embarrassing, but what can we do when it already happens. The thing we can do is to prevent it from making from becoming bigger and making it more embarrassing. Rub just a bit of nail polish on the edges of the tights. This will make the tights stiff even though you move and have many activities. At least it will hold the tights for a bit longer.

5. Break Shoes with Hair Dryer

Isn’t it sad to know your new shoes are too small for you when you just bought them? Well, don’t worry because you can still wear them without any pain. Wear your shoes with the thickest socks you have. Then turn on the hairdryer and blow it on the shoes. The shoes should come bigger and form the size of your feet.

These fashion hacks for emergencies are very important to know because they help. They are not the main solution to the problem, but they can help for a certain time. Therefore, if you often face these problems, then it is best to bring this equipment to help you out later. 

Best Skirt Style For Big Hips For Women

There are a lot of women that have big hips. It is not a bad thing though. Women could still do many things despite their big hips. However, dressing might be a little problem for them. Women would probably spend more time on choosing the right clothes. One of the clothing that might take time for them is choosing skirts. There are not that many kinds and styles of skirt that suits well for them. But do not worry. There is some best skirt style for big hips for women.

Using skirts could make women look more feminine and girly. However, it could also give a masculine and sporty look as well. Skirts and women are just two things that could not be separated. However, women with big hips might have to be picky when choosing a style. To still look fabulous, here is some best skirt style for big hips.

1. High Waist A-Line Skirts

The first skirt style that women could use for their big hips is the high waisted A-Line skirts. Choose the skirt with the fabric of spandex and polyester. With this model and material, it would make women look elegant but also kind of vintage. Moreover, add it with heels as the footwear to increase the fabulous look. As for the top, women could use something not too big so that it does not make them look bigger.

2. A-Line Pleated Midi Skirt

Another best skirt style for big hips is the A-line pleated midi skirt. It is similar to the high waist one but in a short version. Make sure to choose the elastic skirt that could fit into any size. Moreover, do not choose skirts that are too short because it would over show the legs. To complete the look, use some flat or tops shoes.

3. High Waist Swing Skirt

Using a high waist swing skirt a great option during summer or spring. The skirt is light and also breezy. It is also very comfortable to use. The swing model is great for women with big hips. To combine the look, try to use a long outer that at least covers until the knee. It is a great combination to cover up the big hips as well. Try to choose soft colors rather than patterns. There are sometimes patterns that could make women look even bigger.

4. Trumpet Skirt

While people think that a trumpet skirt is only for slim women, it is not girls. The trumpet skirt is also the best skirt style for big hips. The skirt would wrap the big hips. Moreover, the bottom part of the skirts would show off the lower body. Make sure to choose a neutral color, or even better black, and also avoid using stripes or patterns.

5. Bell Skirt

Another great style that fits women with big hips is bell skirts. The lower part of the skirt that is wider would hide the big hips. Avoid adding belts because it would even show off the big hips. Bell skirts are beautiful for many occasions.

Despite their big hips, there is several best skirt style for big hips that women could for their daily outfit. As for the colors, try on choosing dark colors to create a slimmer look. Moreover, avoid using patterns and stripes.

Fashion Tricks To Hide Belly Fat That Easy To Do

Having belly fat has become a nightmare for every woman. However, this is very difficult to remove or hide. Therefore, women must find ways to hide belly fat. Here are the fashion tricks to hide belly fat that you can do easily.

1. Use Black Clothes

Believe it or not, black clothes will make your body look slim. The use of black clothing is believed by many people since ancient times to make people look slim. It would be better to avoid bright colors if you have belly fat.

2. Use a Corset

The corset is the most powerful tool to hide belly fat. Even women who have given birth often use corsets to shape the body and extra support. In addition, corsets can also provide other benefits such as improving posture and relieving back pain.

3. Wear Loose Clothes

The next fashion tricks to hide belly fat is to use loose clothing. Loose clothes like t-shirts or dresses will make your body look slimmer. Or you can use a slightly oversized asymmetrical top and then pair it with jeans to cover the abdomen.

4. High Waist Model Subordinates

Another way you can do to hide the abdomen is to wear high waist model subordinates. The hight waist can hold your stomach so it doesn’t look bloated. However, choose subordinates who are not too tight so that your posture looks slimmer, like a high waist pencil model skirt.

5. Choose Printed Top

So that the views of many people do not focus on your belly fat, use a printed top or clothes with vertical lines. This boss model can give the illusion that your body looks slimmer. This is proven because there are many women who have belly fat and use printed top clothing.

6. Oversized outer

Fashion tricks to hide belly fat besides a loose top is to use a rather oversized outer to disguise your distended belly. Choose blazer oversized with dresses to make the appearance still look elegant and neat. That way your belly fat won’t be seen easily.

7. Use Clothing with Cotton

The choice of ingredients can also affect one’s appearance. Especially for people who have an imperfect body shape or have belly fat. For that, if you have belly fat you should use clothing with cotton. This material will not make your body shape clearly visible.

8. Peplum Dress

Another way to make you look slim is to use a peplum dress. Although the dress is very fitting with the body you will look slim. That way your belly fat won’t be seen clearly.

9. Shapewear

Shapewear is one of the fashion tricks to hide belly fat. Of all the above sequence to further help cover your bloated stomach. Therefore, wear shapewear to hide a large belly and make your body more shaped.

10. Belt

One accessory that can help hide belly fat is a belt. Especially if you use a dress, then you can add these accessories to your waist. That way your waist will look slimmer and your belly fat will be easy to hide.

That was 10 fashion tricks to hide belly fat that are easy for you to do. Even though it has an imperfect body shape, you can still work around this. That way you can still look beautiful and confident.

These Are Everything You Have To Know About Cowboy Hats, Important!

The cowboy hat has more meaning than just an item of fashion for the Texas people. It is an important symbol for the brave people in Texas. Besides, you should do a rite of passage to be the real one. However, you may be thinking that the cowboy hats are just head decoration. It is okay to think like that but you should also read everything you have to know about cowboy hats here.

1. The Right Time to Remove Your Hat

There available some rules when you want to remove your hat from your head. It can not be removed every time you want and then put it in any place as you want. For example, you can remove your hat while you introduced your name to a new woman. Not only while introduced but you should also remove the hat while National Anthem and while you praying in a church. Also, you can remove your hat in the private house.

2. Pick the Right Hat in Different Season

Did you know that there are available different hat styles of hats in Mexico? Well, they made different types of hats because Mexico has different seasons. You will not feel hot during the sunny day when you take the right hat. Also, your hat will protect you from the cold while the night comes or during the winter come. You can find straw hat on there so you will no longer need to change your hat during any season.

3. Handle Your Hat in the Right Way

The Cowboy hat is something precious for the Mexican people. They treat their hats like the queen treats her crown because it is as valuable as the queen’s crown. Hold it on the crown or the middle position so there are no one can see the lining. When you know how to treat your hat right, people will give their respect for you. Above all, don’t ever handle the edges of the hat it will reduce your gentle aura.

4. Remember Proper Travel Care

The next from the list of everything you have to know about cowboy hats is how to treat your hat. When you go outside for a holiday or long journey, make sure you put your hat properly. You should give it a special box so the shape of your hat will be protected and nothing changes while you use it again. When you put it along with other items, your hat can be squashed or bent. As a result, your hat will be easily damaged and reduce its beauty.

5. Never Mess with another Cowboy’s Hat

For people in Mexico, Cowboy Hats is an embodiment of their self-esteem. The original Cowboy Hats can have a high price and no one will be happy if it is getting an exchange. When your Cowboy Hats get a mess with another one, then it should be your bad luck. Try to protect your cowboy hats as you will never have another one in your life.

Well, these are everything you have to know about cowboy hats in Mexico and you should avoid. It sounds simple maybe but this stuff is so important for people there. Don’t treat your hat in the wrong way from now because you already know some of the rules.

Rules In Wearing Trench Coat You Should Follow Suit

Are you trench coat lovers? Or you have lots of trench coats in your wardrobe? But you don’t know how to wear the trench coat perfectly? You have to read this article. Well, Trench Coat is one of the popular outfits for everyone. When you wearing this coat, you will look cool, right? But, not everyone knew about the rules in wearing trench coat that suitable for their body. It is why lots of trench coat users look weird when they wear a trench coat. If you want to look perfect with your trench coat try this suggestion.

There are so many styles that you can try for a trench coat. But, not everyone knew about the right style for their body type. The first thing that you have to understand first is your body type. The trench coat style should be fit for your body. When you decide to buy a trench coat, you also have to pay attention to its size. The bigger trench coat will look bad for you, right? So, understand these style rules regarding of trench coat:

1. Casual Look is Highly Suggested

The first style that you can try is casual looks. Lost of people choose this style to wear a trench coat. It can be combined with a T-Shirt and jeans. If you are a college student, you probably have to try this rule. Because of this rule, you will look so casual, right? It is also suitable for you to go to lunch with your friends or the client. You will have a stylish and no-hassle look when using a trench coat.

2. Sporty Trench Coat Look is a Good Option

You can wear this trench coat for every activity, event sport. Trench Coat doesn’t mean to be formal, right? When you want to go to campus or meeting, you can wear this style. It will be perfect when you combine sports shoes and jeans. So, you already find the rules in wearing trench coat that suitable?

3. Formal Look is Acceptable

As you know lots of people like to use this style, right? The trench coat is really suitable for the suit and tie. You will like a businessman when you wear it. It also will give a stylish image to the public. When you use this for a meeting, your client will be comfortable with you. It also can protect your suit and tie from dirt and dust on the road. So, your suit will be clean every time, right?

4. Just Using Buttoned Up for a Safe Bet

Buttoned up style not only can be used in shirt. You can also apply this to the trench coat. No one can fault this look, right? You will look so gentle if you just using you buttoned up. Buttoning trench coat usually used by a formal person. It usually used for the meeting or presentation in front of the client. So, if you want to look more stylish, you can try these rules in wearing trench coat.

5. Wearing a Long Dress with Your Trench Coat

It is the last style that you can try. You can combine a trench coat with your long dress. The long dress will make you look classy. It will be different from other trench coat style, right? You can make this combination as a format or casual style too.

The choice of trench oat style is really important for your looking. If you wrong to choose the trench coat style, you will look weird, right? So, if you are trench coat lovers, you have to know the rules in wearing trench coat perfectly. Which one is your favorite?

Best Dress For Debut Party- Looking Gorgeous In The First Adult Party

Every girl dreams to wear a beautiful dress to go to a party. Moreover, if it’s their debut party. It’s normal to go all out in the dressing for the debut party. After all, it is an important moment for your social standing. Wearing a not nice or even mismatch dress can result in embarrassing yourself. So, you should know and wear the best dress for a debut party. However, if you’re still wondering about what the dress you should wear, you can look at our recommendations.

1. Moth Princess A-Line Dress

If this is your debut party, you should go all out in dressing. The best dress for a debut party for you is an A-line dress. You can choose the mode so it will look like a princess. The length of your dress can touch the knee. You can also make the part around the neck a little transparent so it can reveal a little bit of your skin. A moth motif can make your dress merrier.

 2. Sleeveless Long Gown

When attending your debut party, you can wear a little extravagant dress. The best choice is a sleeveless long gown, especially if you have a nice shoulder. Wearing this dress you can emphasize your beautiful shoulder. Moreover, with the frills in the lower part of the dress, you will look more gorgeous.

3. One Shoulder Long Dress

You don’t like the idea of a sleeveless dress? Well, it’s not a problem as you can still another dress. It is one shoulder long dress. You don’t need to show all of your shoulders instead show just one and even then, you will look beautiful. The long dress will cover your foot, so it will balance with the upper part of the dress. As for the color, you can choose a soft color such as mint green.

4. Off The Shoulder Mid Dress

An off-shoulder midi dress can be worn when you attend your debut party. The length of your dress can touch your knee or a little short. As this dress shows a little bit of your thigh, you can’t show your cleavage, instead show a little bit of your neck to shoulder.

5. Elegant Long Sleeve Jacket

Attending a debut party doesn’t always mean you should wear a revealing dress. Moreover, if you’re so reluctant to show off your skin. Then the right dress for you is a sleeveless dress with an elegant long sleeve jacket. Emphasize your outfit in your elegant jacket to cover the sleeveless dress. To balance it, wear a midi or short length dress.

6. Backless A-line Dress

As it once a lifetime moment, you can show all of your good points in your dress. Wear this backless A-line dress to show a little bit of your back. However, don’t forget to cover the front of your dress. For the length of the dress, a knee-length will do good. Add a frilly in your upper part of the dress to make it cuter.

Debut party will leave a deep impression on you and the others, whether it’s good or bad. Of course, you want to leave a good impression. don’t you? That’s precisely why you should choose the best dress for a debut party and make the other’s eyes can’t take off from you.

5 Best Dress For Engagement Party To Make You Like A Princess A Day

Having a couple of life is the best moment that we never expect before. Wondering a life with a beloved person who shares happiness and sadness together will make us smile throughout the day. Both married party and also engagement is important for many people, especially woman. As a woman, we need to give our best appearance at the special moment once a life. In order to give the best appearance, we need to wear something special also such as the best dress for engagement party or wedding. In this chance, the following paragraph will inform you about the best dress for your engagement.

best dress for engagement party

1. Classic Cocktail Dress

The first option as the best dress for engagement party is the classic cocktail. Same as another cocktail colored, the warm white of the dress will give a warm accent to your engagement event. Moreover, the warm white is also in line with the pearl accent which makes it more elegant. The combination of pearls on the dress is probably incredible with the glam vibe shoes. It is elegant and warm and not too much.

2. Flower Pattern Dress for Engagement Garden Party

Except for the classic cocktail, it is probably suitable to use the flower pattern as the engagement dress. The flower accent will be suitable for the engagement party which is celebrated in the garden. Indeed, wearing a flower pattern dress in the garden party seems interesting and cheerful. Your engagement party probably becomes a cheerful and happy party that you ever saw.

3. Backless White Dress

The white-colored is almost used for a formal party such as wedding and also engagement. Thus, the white dress is still the most favorite dress and color whatever the design. One of the designs that might be chosen as the dress of your engagement is the backless white dress. This kind of dress is showing your sexy side of your back. If you think that your most beautiful part of your body is the back, you might use this kind of dress as the option.

4. La Vie En Rose Dress

Another flower pattern dress that is suitable as the best dress for engagement party is the la vie en dress. La vie en rose means the red rose of a dress. Therefore, the la vie en rose dress has dark red as the color. however, even the dark red is a dark color but it will make you look brighter. The dark color will rise up your skin tone becomes brighter. Therefore, if you want to look brighter in your engagement party, you may try to use the la vie en rose dress.

5. Gold Accent Dress

At the engagement party, we usually want to look elegant and beautiful at the same time. Therefore, the gold accent can give you both an elegant and beautiful look at your engagement party. Moreover, you may combine the dress with sparkling shoes and accessories. You will look beautiful and brighter with the gold accent dress.

The five of best dress for engagement party can be the best choices for celebrating your engagement party. You might choose the dress in line with the theme of the party. Therefore, your engagement party will look merrier.

How To Dress For The First Date For Women

Preparing on a first date must be exciting. There are several things to prepare before going on a first date, especially for women. Women must want to look great. Moreover, the first impression is important. Women do not want to look too much in front of the men. But also, they do not want to look lack of preparation. Besides the makeup, women should also prepare the right outfit. There are several tips on how to dress for the first date for women.

how to dress for the first date

Before deciding on what to wear, make sure to know where the date would go. It is important because the outfit would follow on the dating place. Men would usually choose whether on a casual date like going to the cinema or to an amusement park. Another option is a formal date, where men would take women for a romantic dinner. To help out on how to dress for the first date, here are some great options.

1. Use Outfit and Color that People often Compliment

The first thing when dressing up on a first date is to use outfits and colors that people often compliment. Try to ask for some advice from some near friends about the outfits that they like best from us. Starting from the style or on the colors. It could be a great alternative to decide on what to wear on a first date. Remember to use outfits that are suitable for the location as well.

2. Less Skin, Please

The next tops on how to dress for the first date are to show less skin. Do not use clothes that are too opened on the first date. Being too sexy is not recommended to impress men on the first date. If women want to wear something short, try to balance by using some long outfits as well. Also, try to avoid heavy makeup because sometimes it is too much. Men should notice women the way they are.

3. Use the Outfit that Shows the Best of Us

Besides using outfits that people most like from us, women could also use dresses that show their best personality. For this occasion, women usually use their favorite outfit that they like the most. By using their favorite outfit, women would show their best personalities. It is because they are comfortable and feel confident.

4. Be Chill Even in Working Clothes

Some women might not have enough time to prepare on how to dress for the first date. Moreover, for those who are going on a date right after work. But do not worry. There are some tips to still look fabulous even though using an office outfit. Try to loosen up the clothes and change the complete it with a makeup look of lipstick and blush on.

5. A Comfortable Outfit

The most important thing about clothing is to be comfortable. Women must want to look fabulous or outstanding during their first date. However, make sure not to use clothes that would torture the body. Men would recognize it. That is why being comfortable in the clothes is the number one rule.

Preparing for the first date might be exciting yet challenging. Do not overthink how to dress for the first date because it could even result in less. Moreover, remember to enjoy and have fun.