There are a lot of women that have big hips. It is not a bad thing though. Women could still do many things despite their big hips. However, dressing might be a little problem for them. Women would probably spend more time on choosing the right clothes. One of the clothing that might take time for them is choosing skirts. There are not that many kinds and styles of skirt that suits well for them. But do not worry. There is some best skirt style for big hips for women.

Using skirts could make women look more feminine and girly. However, it could also give a masculine and sporty look as well. Skirts and women are just two things that could not be separated. However, women with big hips might have to be picky when choosing a style. To still look fabulous, here is some best skirt style for big hips.

1. High Waist A-Line Skirts

The first skirt style that women could use for their big hips is the high waisted A-Line skirts. Choose the skirt with the fabric of spandex and polyester. With this model and material, it would make women look elegant but also kind of vintage. Moreover, add it with heels as the footwear to increase the fabulous look. As for the top, women could use something not too big so that it does not make them look bigger.

2. A-Line Pleated Midi Skirt

Another best skirt style for big hips is the A-line pleated midi skirt. It is similar to the high waist one but in a short version. Make sure to choose the elastic skirt that could fit into any size. Moreover, do not choose skirts that are too short because it would over show the legs. To complete the look, use some flat or tops shoes.

3. High Waist Swing Skirt

Using a high waist swing skirt a great option during summer or spring. The skirt is light and also breezy. It is also very comfortable to use. The swing model is great for women with big hips. To combine the look, try to use a long outer that at least covers until the knee. It is a great combination to cover up the big hips as well. Try to choose soft colors rather than patterns. There are sometimes patterns that could make women look even bigger.

4. Trumpet Skirt

While people think that a trumpet skirt is only for slim women, it is not girls. The trumpet skirt is also the best skirt style for big hips. The skirt would wrap the big hips. Moreover, the bottom part of the skirts would show off the lower body. Make sure to choose a neutral color, or even better black, and also avoid using stripes or patterns.

5. Bell Skirt

Another great style that fits women with big hips is bell skirts. The lower part of the skirt that is wider would hide the big hips. Avoid adding belts because it would even show off the big hips. Bell skirts are beautiful for many occasions.

Despite their big hips, there is several best skirt style for big hips that women could for their daily outfit. As for the colors, try on choosing dark colors to create a slimmer look. Moreover, avoid using patterns and stripes.