Having a shawl around the shoulder or another style is warming us. instead of having a warm hug from our beloved people. However, wearing a shawl can increase and also decrease our appearance depend on the way we wear it. on the other hand, we should know what is the best way to wear a shawl and increase our appearance through the combination of shawl and dress. The way how to wear shawl with dress will be explained in the previous paragraph.

1. Wearing A Shawl Around The Neck

There are so many ways about how to wear shawl with dress. One of the most popular styles in wearing a shawl is in around the neck. This style has two main functions. The first is the shawl as the accessories instead of a necklace. While, the second function is to warm up our neck in the winter. The combination of wearing a dress and shawl can increase your appearance. if you wear simple dress, then the shawl will add a more beautiful accent to your style.

2. Wearing A Shawl As A Kimono Which Covering Your Shoulder

If you wear a dress which shows off your shoulder, you might combine it by the shawl with kimono style. This style can cover your shoulder but doesn’t decrease your appearance. you might wear a transparent shawl such as chiffon shawl. The important thing in wearing a shawl is you need to match the color and pattern of the shawl with your dress.

3. Spaghetti Style of Shawl

Another style of shawl that can increase your appearance is the spaghetti style. It means that the shawl is round in your neck such as spaghetti. Besides, almost the same as the real spaghetti, the upper ends of the shawl are hanging on your chest. This style will make you look more elegant and girly. You might wear any kind of shawl and material.

4. Hanging Pattern Shawl with Flat Dress

Another style of wearing a shawl with the dress is wearing hanging shawl which has a pattern. The pattern shawl can add a cheerful accent to your style. You can just hang the shawl on your neck without getting around. However, make sure that you the shawl that is used is short. The pattern shawl is suitable for use with the flat dress combination. They will make a perfect style for you like a casual or formal look.

5. Hanging The Shawl Around The Chest

If you want to use a shawl with the shoulderless dress, then you won’t cover up your shoulder, you may hang the shawl around your chest. By hanging the shawl on your chest, and showing off your shoulder, you will look sexy and elegant. You might apply this kind of style to the formal look or even party look. You will look great and sexy.

To sum up, you may not confuse bout how to wear shawl with dress which ca increase your appearance. you will easily increase your appearance by having good confidence instead of wearing a complicated style of the shawl.