Plaids are an old model fashion that will never expire and grow old. Plaids can be used for any range of ages, from young people to the elderly. The patterns in plaid may seem boring, but if you can combine it with the right cloth, you can still look fashionable. However, there are rules for wearing plaid that people must know to make sure their looks still look good.

In fashion, there is no right and wrong if you feel confident. However, these rules for wearing plaid will at least help and guide choose the outfits. These rules apply for both women and men, so anyone can follow the rules. Here are the rules that might want to consider when choosing an outfit with plaid:

1. Wear One Peace of Plaid

Because plaid is a crowded pattern, it is better to use plaid clothing at a time. Using too much plaid will cause your look to seem full and not matching. If you want to wear to double it, or for the inside, you can wear something plain. However, if you have a simple plaid accessory, you can use them if they are not too crowded too. So, make sure to recheck your look and see if it too crowded or not.

2. Pair it With a Solid Color

If you feel unconfident with your style, try pairing it up with a solid color like black and grey. Solid colors almost never go wrong, so you can pair them with some plaid. Even if you have a bright color plaid, you can still wear them with solid colors, because they are neutral. This kind of style is best to use when going out with your friends.

3. Matching pants with Plaids

You can wear something matching with the plaids you wear. For example, if you are wearing a green plaid then use green shorts to match it. At least try to find a color that fits the color of the plaid the best. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to match everything from top to bottom with the color of the plaid.

4. Choose a Fine Fabric

One of the rules for wearing plaid is to make sure of the fabric. Plaid clothes are made from many kinds of fabric, therefore make sure to choose the most comfortable one. They are also usually made with thick fabrics making them quite hot to wear in the summer. So, choose a fabric that is not too thick for spring, but no to thin for the winter.

5. Small Plaids for Slimmer Look

If you want to look slimmer when wearing plaid, make sure to choose small patterns of plaids. People say that wearing small plaids does make people look slimmer compared to the big ones. The colors of the plaid also determine your look, so make sure to also concern about the color.

So, plaids are not only identical to the countryside too. Even people in the cities can wear plaids by combining them with the right pair. Just make sure to follow the rules for wearing plaid to get a good look.