Fashion Hacks For Emergencies To Save The Day

For some people looking right and fashionable for their daily look is important. They plan everything they will be wearing from the top to the bottom. Therefore, for the next day don’t have to worry about what they will be wearing or is it matching or not. However, sometimes even after being so prepared, unplanned things happen and ruin our look. Things that may happen such as broken zipper, broken heels, or too much fuzzy on your sweater can just change the look. When these incidents happen, don’t panic, on the other hand, learn how to fashion hacks for emergencies.

Sometimes unplanned things happen as you fall and you have a hole in your tights. Or suddenly your zipper gets stuck and you can’t zip up your jacket or clothes. These are some incidents that often happen and make people panic. You will need to fix it later but if you need it quickly you will need fashion hacks. So, here are some fashion hacks for emergencies that can save your day on:

1. Pencil to Fix Stuck Zipper

This kind of problems occurs often and can make people panic. But don’t worry, there is a simple way people can solve the problem on their own. When your zipper gets stuck, just rub the graphite or crayon on the zipper teeth of your clothes. Rub just enough and make sure it doesn’t sting on your clothes. Then wiggle the zipper gently and soon it should come free. However, if it is still stuck, add some more graphite on the zipper until it loosens up.

2. Remove Fuzzy Pills on Sweater

Have you ever had so many fuzzy pills on a sweater making it look bad and old? If so, then clean the fuzzy pills using a shaver that you usually use to shave. If you don’t have a new one, then change the razor only. Then shave the sweater slowly to remove all the fuzzy pills on the sweater. Go in a straight line and in one way to remove it all. You might have to repeat a spot a few times before it becomes totally clean.

3. Remove Blisters with Deodorant

New shoes are a must for a woman but wearing them can cause blisters on your feet. If this happens to you, you can rub deodorant on your feet on your shoes. If you are afraid that it will stain the shoes, then rub a small amount with your hands first. Then rub it on your foot too to become a lubricant. It is better that you rub them before you wear new shoes to prevent blisters.

4. Prevent Holes in Tights Becoming Bigger

A whole in the tights is quite embarrassing, but what can we do when it already happens. The thing we can do is to prevent it from making from becoming bigger and making it more embarrassing. Rub just a bit of nail polish on the edges of the tights. This will make the tights stiff even though you move and have many activities. At least it will hold the tights for a bit longer.

5. Break Shoes with Hair Dryer

Isn’t it sad to know your new shoes are too small for you when you just bought them? Well, don’t worry because you can still wear them without any pain. Wear your shoes with the thickest socks you have. Then turn on the hairdryer and blow it on the shoes. The shoes should come bigger and form the size of your feet.

These fashion hacks for emergencies are very important to know because they help. They are not the main solution to the problem, but they can help for a certain time. Therefore, if you often face these problems, then it is best to bring this equipment to help you out later.