Fashion Tricks To Hide Belly Fat That Easy To Do

Having belly fat has become a nightmare for every woman. However, this is very difficult to remove or hide. Therefore, women must find ways to hide belly fat. Here are the fashion tricks to hide belly fat that you can do easily.

1. Use Black Clothes

Believe it or not, black clothes will make your body look slim. The use of black clothing is believed by many people since ancient times to make people look slim. It would be better to avoid bright colors if you have belly fat.

2. Use a Corset

The corset is the most powerful tool to hide belly fat. Even women who have given birth often use corsets to shape the body and extra support. In addition, corsets can also provide other benefits such as improving posture and relieving back pain.

3. Wear Loose Clothes

The next fashion tricks to hide belly fat is to use loose clothing. Loose clothes like t-shirts or dresses will make your body look slimmer. Or you can use a slightly oversized asymmetrical top and then pair it with jeans to cover the abdomen.

4. High Waist Model Subordinates

Another way you can do to hide the abdomen is to wear high waist model subordinates. The hight waist can hold your stomach so it doesn’t look bloated. However, choose subordinates who are not too tight so that your posture looks slimmer, like a high waist pencil model skirt.

5. Choose Printed Top

So that the views of many people do not focus on your belly fat, use a printed top or clothes with vertical lines. This boss model can give the illusion that your body looks slimmer. This is proven because there are many women who have belly fat and use printed top clothing.

6. Oversized outer

Fashion tricks to hide belly fat besides a loose top is to use a rather oversized outer to disguise your distended belly. Choose blazer oversized with dresses to make the appearance still look elegant and neat. That way your belly fat won’t be seen easily.

7. Use Clothing with Cotton

The choice of ingredients can also affect one’s appearance. Especially for people who have an imperfect body shape or have belly fat. For that, if you have belly fat you should use clothing with cotton. This material will not make your body shape clearly visible.

8. Peplum Dress

Another way to make you look slim is to use a peplum dress. Although the dress is very fitting with the body you will look slim. That way your belly fat won’t be seen clearly.

9. Shapewear

Shapewear is one of the fashion tricks to hide belly fat. Of all the above sequence to further help cover your bloated stomach. Therefore, wear shapewear to hide a large belly and make your body more shaped.

10. Belt

One accessory that can help hide belly fat is a belt. Especially if you use a dress, then you can add these accessories to your waist. That way your waist will look slimmer and your belly fat will be easy to hide.

That was 10 fashion tricks to hide belly fat that are easy for you to do. Even though it has an imperfect body shape, you can still work around this. That way you can still look beautiful and confident.