Ultimate Rules for Wearing Cufflinks Mans Should Know

Cufflinks are one of the pieces of jewelry that all men can wear and not look strange on them. Wearing cufflinks can make people look even better than just plain shirts. Therefore, wearing cufflinks is very recommended especially if you are going to formal parties. However, make sure you know the rules for wearing cufflinks, so you look even better with them on.

For those who don’t know, cufflinks are an accessory that is used to tighten up shirt cuffs. The function is almost like buttons; however, they are more fashionable. They are also separated from the shirt, so people can wear them in different suits and styles. To make sure you look the best with them, here are some rules for wearing cufflinks you should know:

1. Contrast Color Shirts

Show your cufflinks by choosing a shirt that has contrast colors with your shirt. If you have a bold color cufflink, then wear a light color shirt. However, make sure to choose a cufflink that suites the color or theme of your suit. For example, if you are using a red maroon shirt and black theme suit, don’t wear a shocking color. Use a color that matches your tie, so it suits the whole outfit.

2. Choose the Right Type of Shirt

When you decide to wear cufflinks, make sure to choose the right type of shirt too. Shirts that are not designed for cufflinks will just make it useless too. Don’t hole a shirt just because it doesn’t have one because it will just ruin it. Therefore, make sure to choose the right type of shirt and cufflinks rather than forcing it.

3. Combine with Your Shirt

If you decide to wear a patterned shirt, then choose a cufflink that matches the pattern. So, if you wear a red pattern shirt then wear a red cufflink too. This will balance the overall look but not look too matching like what women do.

4. Right Way & Position

One of the rules for wearing cufflinks is to make sure you wear them the right way. Wearing them in the wrong position can make your look strange and a bit bulky. So, make sure they are in the right position and you clip them on right. Therefore, choosing the right shirt is important because it will also determine the way you wear cufflinks.

5. Silver Cufflinks are the Best

From all colors, silver cufflinks are the best choice to wear. Whether you are wearing them for formal or relaxing events, silver can suit them all. Especially silver is a neutral color, so it should fit any color shirt too. Choose different designs of cufflinks to suit the event.

So, these are some rules for wearing cufflinks that you must pay attention to. Normally, people wear this accessory for formal events only. But nowadays, there are many designs of cufflinks that can be used for relaxing events too. Therefore, men can now wear cool design accessories in all kind of occasions. Just make sure to go with the rules above to get the best look in your suits.