Rules In Wearing Trench Coat You Should Follow Suit

Are you trench coat lovers? Or you have lots of trench coats in your wardrobe? But you don’t know how to wear the trench coat perfectly? You have to read this article. Well, Trench Coat is one of the popular outfits for everyone. When you wearing this coat, you will look cool, right? But, not everyone knew about the rules in wearing trench coat that suitable for their body. It is why lots of trench coat users look weird when they wear a trench coat. If you want to look perfect with your trench coat try this suggestion.

There are so many styles that you can try for a trench coat. But, not everyone knew about the right style for their body type. The first thing that you have to understand first is your body type. The trench coat style should be fit for your body. When you decide to buy a trench coat, you also have to pay attention to its size. The bigger trench coat will look bad for you, right? So, understand these style rules regarding of trench coat:

1. Casual Look is Highly Suggested

The first style that you can try is casual looks. Lost of people choose this style to wear a trench coat. It can be combined with a T-Shirt and jeans. If you are a college student, you probably have to try this rule. Because of this rule, you will look so casual, right? It is also suitable for you to go to lunch with your friends or the client. You will have a stylish and no-hassle look when using a trench coat.

2. Sporty Trench Coat Look is a Good Option

You can wear this trench coat for every activity, event sport. Trench Coat doesn’t mean to be formal, right? When you want to go to campus or meeting, you can wear this style. It will be perfect when you combine sports shoes and jeans. So, you already find the rules in wearing trench coat that suitable?

3. Formal Look is Acceptable

As you know lots of people like to use this style, right? The trench coat is really suitable for the suit and tie. You will like a businessman when you wear it. It also will give a stylish image to the public. When you use this for a meeting, your client will be comfortable with you. It also can protect your suit and tie from dirt and dust on the road. So, your suit will be clean every time, right?

4. Just Using Buttoned Up for a Safe Bet

Buttoned up style not only can be used in shirt. You can also apply this to the trench coat. No one can fault this look, right? You will look so gentle if you just using you buttoned up. Buttoning trench coat usually used by a formal person. It usually used for the meeting or presentation in front of the client. So, if you want to look more stylish, you can try these rules in wearing trench coat.

5. Wearing a Long Dress with Your Trench Coat

It is the last style that you can try. You can combine a trench coat with your long dress. The long dress will make you look classy. It will be different from other trench coat style, right? You can make this combination as a format or casual style too.

The choice of trench oat style is really important for your looking. If you wrong to choose the trench coat style, you will look weird, right? So, if you are trench coat lovers, you have to know the rules in wearing trench coat perfectly. Which one is your favorite?