Tricks And Tips In Wearing Stilettos To Feel Comfortable

Wearing heels can make women feel more confident and prettier compared to using flat shoes. This is because wearing heels can make your legs feel and look longer at the same time. Although, wearing heels can sometimes be tiring and exhausting, especially if you wear stilettos. Stilettos is a kind of heel that is thin, pointy and long, or usually, it is used for many heels. However, there are tricks and tips in wearing stilettos that can make you wear them for hours and still feel comfortable. It seems impossible right, but it is true and been proved by many people.

tricks and tips in wearing stilettos

Some people say, beauty is pain, so if you don’t get any pain then you can’t get beautiful. This is wrong, and it has been proved by many people who can still wear stilettos and feel no pain. There are tricks and tips in wearing stilettos which can make you feel comfortable even after hours. So, here are some tricks and tips you woman must know to reduce those pain:

1. Right Size Shoe

One of the most important tricks and tips in wearing stilettos is the right size shoe. Whatever brand you are wearing make sure that the shoe is right and fits perfectly into your feet. This is the number one mistake that causes women to feel pain while wearing stilettos. Therefore, remember that different brand usually has different sizes so always try your shoes before buying them.

2. Watch the Posture

When you have the right size of shoe, next control your body’s posture. Remember when your mom always tells you to stand up straight to look good? Well, this lesson from our moms is useful especially for those who like to wear stilettos. Standing up with the right posture will balance your body’s weight. This way it will not push the weight down and cause pain to your feet.

3. Y-Step

An important tip woman should know when they wear stilettos is to walk in a Y-step. So, each time you take a step, make sure the feet come a bit outer rather than going straight. It may be hard in the beginning, however, once you are used to it, it will be easy.

4. Add Cushions

Some shoes with stilettos heels are sometimes, depending on the brand of the shoes. However, if your shoes are a bit hard then add a cushion on the bottom part of the heel. This will help and feel more comfortable because your feet will not feel the hard surface. Therefore, it is important to try the shoes first and see whether they are soft and comfortable to use.

5. Use Straps

A tip when using stilettos heels is to find shoes that supported with straps. Shoes with a strap can at least support your feet when lifting your shoes making it lighter. However, make sure not to wear the straps to tight either because it can cause more pain on your feet.

However, even though these tricks and tips in wearing stilettos are effective, it is still important to take a rest. Especially after using the heels for a long period, give your feet some time to rest. However, the most important thing to remember is to make sure the size is right and fits your feet.